Manju’s Art School

Through the use of fun and exciting exercises, this class develops Painting & Drawing skills essential to the creative growth of children. I teach basic to advanced drawing and painting techniques using a vast variety of mediums with focus on the hands-on experience not available elsewhere. Artistic and analytical elements involved in painting are also covered such as: shape, perspective & proportion, light & shadow, texture, tone, value, color and composition. Students will learn to use a variety of materials such as pencils, crayons, pastels, charcoal, and watercolor, to create various kinds of art works. Students will be learning about Still-life painting, Figure painting, Portrait, Nature painting, Scenery painting and at the same time they will create these artworks.  This class is designed to develop a student’s imagination and creativity while learning how to make beautiful works of art.


Some of the benefits of Drawing and Paintings:

Ø Builds Concentration & Communication skills

Ø Increases Motor and Hand-to-Eye Coordination skills

Ø Promotes self-expression & individuality

Ø Helps children make choices

Ø Increases creativity and imaginations


Students will learn these skills in a group setting where assistance and camaraderie is encouraged among classmates. Student’s skill level will be assessed upon joining the class and accordingly, instruction and classwork (Drawing & Painting) will be provided. The goal of the class is to make art enjoyable and to develop creativity, imagination and motor skills. The duration of the lesson is one-hour, which comprises of teacher instruction as well as hands-on experimentation. The progress of the student will be conveyed to the parent with constructive and reinforcing feedback. Please note that all the art materials except drawing and water color books, will be provided by the instructor.


Please contact Ms. Manjurani Upadhyay at 925 736-1017 or


Here's some background information about Ms. Manjurani Upadhyay -


Manju has a Master of Arts degree from Banaras Hindu University, India with a major in painting. She has done the early childhood development courses from DVC, San Ramon and certification course in graphic designing from Las Positas College, Livermore. Manju has been teaching drawing and painting to many children. She makes drawing and painting a fun activity with easy and interesting methods. Imparting her expertise, by teaching Drawing and Painting to children is her ambition and goal. Her students have won a lot of awards in artwork competitions.