About Manju

Manju's first and foremost passion is children, and imparting a holistic education to our future generations. She takes much joy and happiness in helping kids succeed, as well as in encouraging interdisciplinary education as a necessity. She has a Master of Arts degree from Banaras Hindu University, India with a major in painting, early childhood development courses from DVC, San Ramon and certification course in graphic designing from Las Positas College, Livermore. Manju has been teaching drawing and painting to many children for the past 12 years and makes drawing and painting a fun activity with easy and interesting methods. Imparting her expertise, by teaching Drawing and Painting to children is her ambition and goal. Her students have won a lot of awards in artwork competitions. She has over 9 years of pre-school teaching experience and through her background in the arts, she tries to stress creative, independent thinking in her pre-schoolers, raising them to be well-rounded human beings and instill in them rare skills that will not only stimulate their minds, but also stay with them for the rest of their lives. She has taught hundreds of kids, and not only have all of them been extremely happy with her curriculum and way of teaching, but have succeeded, on average, dramatically more than their fellow classmates in kindergarten and grade school. Manju has a family day care license and has done CPR and First Aid certification.